Filipino Martial Arts Solo Training

Hello my friend!

Thanks so much for checking out this free Filipino Martial Arts Online solo training session ❤️

We will be covering:

  • Knife - movement
  • Knife - accessing
  • Single Stick - Close Range
  • Single Stick - switching hands
  • Empty Hands - 'dirty' boxing combination
  • Empty Hands - limb destruction
  • Conditioning for punching power
  • Conditioning for good posture

We'll do it together, step by step

Can I Really Learn Filipino Martial Arts Online?

That's a great question to ask before investing a lot of time or money on any kind of filipino kali home study course. 

Check out the solo training videos on this page, work along with me (in the amazing Fight Dad garage gym), and see how much you learn and enjoy yourself!

Here's to your success

Harry // FightDad

Hit play on Part 1 (the video below) to get started with some Knife Shadow Boxing...

Knife Drawing (or Accessing)

Do you carry a knife?

Or some other force multiplier?

Whether you do or don't, there are a couple of important reasons to train 'Accessing'*:

  1. so you can do it (if you have to)
  2. so you can know the signs of someone else doing it, and prepare yourself accordingly!

*By 'Accessing' I mean getting it from your pocket / holster / waist band in to your hand so you can use it.

IMPORTANT: Morality differs person to person. Laws differ across the world. Familiarise yourself with the laws where you are, and act with your own judgements in relation to legality and morality.

It's one thing being able to access your tool in isolated conditions, but what about if the fight has already started?

In this kali knife solo training video, work along with me practicing accessing something from your waistband...

...while in motion.

So grab your training knife, find a bit of space so you can move, and let's get training together:

Oh, if you want a practical framework for training knife defence (with proper resistance), check out this awesome course.

My Favourite Range for Stick Fighting is...

Long range!


  1. I have space to swing the stick (hard)
  2. the fewest of my targets are vulnerable to counter attack (immediately, at least!)

But what if we have to start toooo close?

Well, in this solo training video, work along with me practicing Filipino Stick Fighting - swinging a stick at long range, but also starting 'too close '...

...and let's try working BOTH hands!

If you want to practice even more solo stick training, check out the recordings of these 3 amazing seminars all about solo drills for stick fighting.

Filipino 'Dirty' Boxing / Panantukan

Is a Filipino Martial Art in which I want to make it PAINFUL for someone to try to hit me

Because pain can be a great de-motivator...

Although, it might have no effect, so whatever we do, we still need to carry on!

So let's build a 'dirty' kickboxing combination...

...With a limb destruction (gunting) which actually works in sparring 

Work along with me in this solo training video to build such a combo including:

kick, punch, hammers, footwork, destruction, and clinch

If you want to inject some daily Panantukan into your life (and get 36.7% fitter in 4 weeks, with less than 10 minutes a day...) check out this super sweet fitness and panantukan challenge!

Stand Tall, Proud of Who You Are

(because you're great, and you should be proud of that)

Sometimes, the weight of the world combined with digital device use (yeah, I know where I'm writing this from!) can lead us to have...

...less than optimal posture

It can make my back or neck hurt, and maybe even bring on headaches (I know mine certainly used to)

With better posture, we'll be taller

in day to day life, breathe more easily (lungs aren't squished), and our bones will align better meaning it takes less energy to hold ourselves up.

Leaving more energy for all the stuff we want to do!

In this video we're going to do some simple exercises which only take a few minutes, but that I've found have a really good effect.

Oh, and we're going to improve the 'acceleration' part of punching too!

Find a bit of space so you can move, and let's get training together.

I hope you have enjoyed our time training together :-)

If you're in need of a method to train stick sparring on your own, you'll love 11 Essential Stick Fighting Solo Drills. It's free, just click the link for all the info and how to get it.

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