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Can we do this ONE move across knife, stick and empty hands?

"Solo Training is an amazing tool for developing skills outside of class.

Join me in this full solo training session where we cover knife, stick and empty hands following the theme of..."

What's the downside of Padded Stick Sparring?

"Yep, it's a round of single stick sparring...

But it was so much fun!

Martial Arts can be REALLY serious stuff (increasing your ability to do violent things to someone else without it happening back to you IS serious).

But it doesn't mean we can't..."

Does Trapping Work in Panantukan Sparring?

"Trapping in Filipino Boxing (also known as Panantukan, or Filipino empty hands) is the principle of immobilising a limb (arm/leg), or removing a barrier, to facilitate an attack.

Now, drills including trapping can quickly get complicated (and FUN!) which is great for coordination, timing, rhythm, and a brain challenge.

However, in order to make it work against someone in sparring, we might need to..."

Sparring Breakdown: Double Stick

"This post is all about double stick sparring, in this video we're using padded sticks and we're targeting the hands only.

In this short exchange you'll see that I've slowed everything down and paused it at various moments just to highlight what's hitting what..."