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Coaching impact weapon applications...

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  • Functional Solo Training

  • Applies DIRECTLY to partner training

  • Swing one or two sticks, at close, medium and long range

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Your Coaches:

Marko Novakovic | Ronin FMA
- True Long Range (stick sparring skills)

Harry Flexman | Fight Dad
- Double Stick Boxing (without melting yer brain)

Tommy Moore | Bartitsu Lab
- Up Close and Personal (WW2 and Bartitsu)

Poster for impact weapon seminar series, 3 seminars from 3 different perspectives, 10th 11th and 12th December 2021

How Does It Work?

When Are the Seminars?

⭐ Marko Novakovic: Friday 10th December 2021, 7pm UK Time / 8pm CET⭐

⭐ Harry Flexman: Saturday 11th December 2021, 8pm UK Time / 9pm CET ⭐

⭐ Tommy Moore: Sunday 12th December 2021, 8pm UK Time / 9pm CET⭐

*CET = Central European Time

Where Are the Seminars / How Do I Get Access?

The seminars are Online, via Zoom.
(We will email you the login details for each seminar)

The recordings will be hosted here, on

When you buy your ticket to the seminars, you'll create an account on so you can:

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Seminar 1: Marko Novakovic | Ronin FMA

True Long Range

Keep getting hit in the hand during sparring, and can’t hit them back?
Opponents can see your shots coming a mile away, and evade them easily?
Waste all your energy doing fancy sh_t that DOESN’T actually work?

Time to learn: TRUE long range

LEARN: Simple, direct footwork, striking mechanics and distance judgement drills.

- Make your long range stick fighting more successful.
- Hit your opponent and don’t get hit back.
- When you get back to sparring, your partners won’t know what hit them! [Hint: it was you]

This session from Ronin FMA is all about functionalizing your FMA single stick for the purpose of dueling.

Seminar 2: Harry Flexman | Fight Dad

Double Stick Boxing

Right hand okay, but left hand can't even swing Angle 1?
Move like a newborn giraffe when you hold 2 sticks?
Got good at ONE, but want to get good at hitting your mates with TWO sticks now?

Boxing makes sense, right? Cool, now let's borrow those principles and apply them to two sticks

LEARN: progressive drills with immediate sparring applications and coordination benefits.

- Grasp these simple strategies for sparring success with two sticks.
- Without: confusion, overload or feeling stupid.

This session takes Fight Dad methods to learn the technical and sparring applications for double stick, in simple, bite-sized steps.

Seminar 3: Tommy Moore | Bartitsu Lab

Up Close and Personal

Self defence with a stick sounds pretty simple, right?
Just twat 'em with it?
BUT, what if you're ambushed, at close range, or outnumbered?
And what about mixed weapon settings?

Good job Mr Moore knows his shizzle, time to listen to him.

LEARN: how to Fight Like Your Grandad (and make him proud).
- Feel more confident in avoiding dodgy situations...
- BUT having a solid back up plan.
Remember: "No officer, it's just my walking stick."

This session from the Bartitsu Lab takes methods from WW2 and Bartitsu for use in close range stick figting for self defence applications.

What Will I Get? How Much is it?

Seminar 1: True Long Range with Marko
Seminar 2: Double Stick Boxing with Harry
Seminar 3: Up Close and Personal with Tommy

Plus These Bonuses:
✅Solo Training Equipment Guidance.
✅Ask questions and get personalised feedback.
✅Seminar recordings to re-watch and train. Forever.

Total Value: £175+

Price Today: £39

BUT, this is only for the first 15 spaces.

After that the price is £49.
Which is still incredible value.

What if I miss something?

  • Want to re-watch the seminars?

    No worries!

    You'll have access to the recording!

  • Have to duck out early to put the kids back to bed?

    No worries!

    You'll have access to the recording!

  • Have to miss a whole seminar because you're off meeting Chuck Norris?

    No worries!

    You'll have access to the recording!

Do I Need a Training Partner or Special Equipment?

  • I Don't Have a Training Partner Available

    All three seminars are based around solo training, so you don't need a training partner with you to benefit from what we're teaching.

    All the skills you train solo WILL help you out when you're next training with a buddy or in class.

  • I Don't Have a Heavybag / Tyre / Pell / Bob

    No worries! The seminar includes quick guides on how to make solo training gear on a tight budget.

    So (if you want to) you can make your own solo trianing equipment before the seminars, ready to join in.

  • I Can't / Don't Want to Make Equipment

    No drama!

    You can do all three seminars as "shadow work" and still get benefits from the training.

  • I Don't Have Enough Space to Swing a Stick At All

    That's cool, we get that training space is a luxury not everyone has.

    You can simply watch, make notes, and work the material next time you're with a training partner or at class.

    (Did we mention you get lifetime access to the recording?)

Your Instructor - Marko Novakovic

My name is Marko Novakovic, I'm a sexy God of War and I've been training martial arts for over 17 years.

Apart from the God bit, I train and teach Filipino Martial Arts.

My main influences being Kalis Ilustrisimo and Carlos Hermanos Kali.

I also come from a kickboxing background and actively train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

My stick based work focuses mainly on Long range, which I will be teaching in the seminar.

In close range I believe the stick is harder to use, and that you should know grappling and clinchwork too.

I am also a knife enthusiast and a knife designer, having designed 3 types of knife for close quarter combat. All of my weapon work is based on attribute training more than learning dead patterns.

I believe more in the sporting approach to weapon work because of the aliveness and resistance - Think Street, Train Sport.

My ideal "combatives" comprise of western boxing, wrestling, BJJ and Weapons Work.

I'm looking forward to sharing some of the key principles for True Long range with you in the seminar.

See you there,


Ronin FMA

Your Instructor - Tommy Moore

My name is Tommy Moore and I'm a boxer, martial artists and teacher. I've been training over 25 years.

When it comes to the "stick", I deviate from the usual norm in that my focus is on "impact tools" such as truncheons, coshes etc.

Things with a bit more oomph and are more likely to be replicated by everyday objects (crowbar, hammer, wrench).

My focus will be on stick fighting, not stick fencing.

Drawing on empirical western methods of blunt weapon self protection from the 1800s to today.

Learn stuff from the Victorian Slums through to WW2 methods of mashing someone up with a stick.

Real fights, get real close, real fast.

So I will be focusing on close range, alongside mismatched weapons.

Can't wait to see you there.


Your Instructor - Harry Flexman

My name is Harry and I've been coaching Filipino Martial Arts (FMA, Kali, Arnis, Escrima) for more than ten years.

I hold multiple black belts and am an award winning FMA coach.

And I want to use all this knowledge to help YOU and your students improve your lives.

For a long time my Double Stick training seemed... Static.

And an exercise in 'learning the patterns', then 'sparring', with nothing really in between.  And no connection to the other armed and unarmed areas of FMA / Kali.

I had been told that the mechanics are shared between stick and empty hands striking, but no one showed me.

When the penny finally dropped for me, it blew my mind!

And now I want to share that with you.

Take care and speak soon,

Harry Flexman

Fight Dad

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