Hello my friend!

Thanks so much for checking out this video on Trapping, as applied in Filipino Boxing. ❤️

Trapping in Filipino Boxing (also known as Panantukan, or Filipino empty hands) is the principle of immobilising a limb (arm/leg), or removing a barrier, to facilitate an attack.

Now, drills including trapping can quickly get complicated (and FUN!) which is great for coordination, timing, rhythm, and a brain challenge.

However, in order to make it work against someone in sparring, we might need to simplify the technique, have a solid strategy to set up the technique, as well as a plan about what to do afterwards.

This video shows two simple trapping techniques, a method to set them up, and a way of training what happens afterwards.

Watching with no sound? I've sorted out subtitles on the video, so enable those and you're golden!

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