Hello my friend!

Thanks so much for being here for this sparring breakdown. ❤️

This time it is double stick sparring, we're using padded sticks and we're targeting the hands only.

In this short exchange you'll see that I've slowed everything down and paused it at various moments just to highlight what's hitting what.

Watching with no sound? I've sorted out subtitles on the video, so enable those and you're golden!

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More Resources

Need a systematic way to build up double stick training?

Check out Dynamic Double Stick which contains everything 👍 you need:

- Double Stick Striking Mechanics
- Footwork Drills
- Sinawali Drills
- Reactive Partner Drills
- Full Coaching Manual
- Downloadable Drill Checklist
- Double Stick to Empty Hands crossover

Oh, and there's a free previous so you can try before you commit ☺️

Thanks for reading this far.