Itching to train, but no willing partner available?

I get it my friend, I really do.

And (global pandemic based lockdowns aside) there will probably be many times in your Filipino Martial Arts training lifetime that you don't have access to a training partner. For example:

  • You're back late from work and miss class.
  • Maybe you want to get some extra training in, but don't have a 'willing' partner at home.
  • Or perhaps your kid won't go to sleep at the 'usual' time, and you don't want to show up half way through sparring.

Whatever the reason, your Filipino Martial Arts development shouldn't have to stop, just because you don't have access to a training partner.

Now, even before 2020 I have had to spend extended periods of time without access to a training partner. 

Over that time, I have developed my own skills as a Filipino Martial Arts practitioner by solo training and learning from my teachers remotely.

With a lot of trying, failing and trying again, I have distilled the methods I find to be most effective.

And I'd love to share these methods with you today.

So, are you stuck at home, or can't find an instructor nearby?

Learn with me, step by step, in my oh-so-glamorous garage gym.

Prefer watching?  Cool, here's a quick video overview:

Watch Intro Video

Introducing: Filipino Martial Arts - Solo Training

Who is this course for?

This is for anyone who is:

Stuck at home or can't get to class, and needs guidance and inspiration for training Filipino Martial Arts at home. 

Interested in learning a new martial art, but can't find an instructor nearby.

Already trains Filipino Martial Arts and looking for a reference library for techniques, solo training drills and classes to work along with.

My aim is to help you feel accomplished and energised by: 

- Training Filipino Martial Arts and exercising the mind.

- Working out with callisthenic exercises (even when there's only a few minutes available).

- Tracking and improving mindset / positivity over time.

- Watching me on the receiving end of my instructor (ouchy).

Instruction is step-by-step and easy to digest, and you're in control, as you can do it at your own pace and to suit your schedule.

"This course will save many Kali practitioners out there.

Harry keeps it simple, fun and educational.

Definitely the best buy in a long time. Highly Recommend 👍🏼"  - Sara

What's in the course?

✔️ Instructional series for learning Filipino Martial Arts at Home - can't get to a class today? No problem.

✔️ Learn how to improve coordination, balance, footwork, speed, power and adaptability with this principle-based art - make new connections in understanding.

✔️ Technique videos on the fundamentals of stick and empty hands striking and footwork - get to the right place, at the right time.

✔️ Three months worth of solo classes to work along with in your own time - come and join me as I guide and motivate you through the training sessions, it'll be like you're in the gym with me. Value: £224 / $310

✔️ Coaching and guidance through 180+ minutes of bite-size, easy to follow technique videos - sharpen those skills. Value: £120 / $165

✔️ An equipment-free callisthenics training system and 6 week fitness and mindset programme, with goals and progress - measure real improvements. Value: £45 / $60

✔️ A world class seminar series with more than 90 minutes of seminar videos of my instructor... Enjoy watching me on the receiving end! Value: £60 / $85

✔️ Get access to samples from across the modules (including a cool live class on Espada y Daga) for free, as part of the Free Preview.

Total course value: £449 / $620

Course Price today (one time purchase):
£99 / $125

But don't just take my word for it...

"Very clear" - 5 Stars


Harry's videos are very easy to watch and follow along with. Very clear instructions, with exercises building up bit by bit through the videos. I enjoyed watching it.

Brilliant workouts - 5 Stars!


These step by step workouts are a fantastic way to carry on with solo drills at home - the easy to follow guidance by Harry makes these workouts all the more enjoyable!

Videos look great - 5 Stars!


I've always thought you were a good teacher. The price is a bargain, and working at my own pace suits me perfectly!

Highly Recommended! - 5 Stars!


This course will save many Kali nerds out there. Harry keeps it simple, fun and educational. Definitely the best buy in a long time, Highly recommend 👍🏼

Good for mind, body and soul! Five Stars

by Ruth

Five Stars, great for practicing things in your own time (pause video, try out the move, repeat a few times, fine tune, go again), motivational and clearly broken down into workable steps and these also fit into other combinations. Good for the mind, body and soul :-)

How long will it take?

as I don't have much time...

This course is totally flexible:

Maybe you have a couple of hours to work out? Great! Take your time and be really precise and mindful, this time is for you, so make the most of it.

Got 30 minutes and not sure what to do? Cool, pick one of the live classes and work along with the video.

Maybe you can "only" grasp a few minutes squeezed in between other things?  Good, let's work with what you have.

The course player remembers where you are - and everyone needs to recharge sometime - no worries, come back later and crack on.

I'm serious about training

Is there enough for me to do and see progress?

Absolutely. For the serious practitioner, an example schedule for 6 to 18 weeks of training could be:

  • 4x per week timed callisthenics workout - about 5 - 10 minutes each time.  I recommend doing this in the morning, to prime the day with some endorphins.
  • 2x - 5x per week, train along with a video solo class - about 30 minutes each time, plus warm up and cool down.
  • 3x - 4x per week, review technique videos and make notes.
  • DAILY - complete the mindset challenges.
  • 1x per week (for entertainment and inspiration) - review a seminar video.

The callisthenics programme includes a starting measurement and an ending measurement to see progress over time and the results of effort.

- I can't improve what I don't track, and I can't track what I don't measure consistently -

After the first 6 week cycle, swap out the exercises for something more challenging, and run the programme again (and again) for more (a)gains!

Sorry, couldn't help myself...

There are 30 solo training class recordings, so you could do 5 classes per week for 6 weeks, or 2 classes a week for 15 weeks.  

Of course favourite classes can be repeated, as repetition is the mother of skill...

Tell me more about what's in the course?

What a good-looking question

- Technique Videos

This course has 40+ technique videos explaining: striking and combinations with and without an object, and essential footwork to get you to the right place at the right time.  

Step by step, so anyone can understand.

- Full Solo Classes

Solo Training class recordings are taught directly from my garage (so glamorous!)... Come and join me in one of them and and we'll put some skills together.

There's more than 30 classes to choose from, so there's bound to be something cool.

Or do them all in order, for 3 months training (at 2x per week) without repeating a class.

- Callisthenics Training Guide

There is also a section purely on callisthenics training (strength/fitness training with no equipment needed), including 30+ minutes of videos explaining what to do and how, and a 6 week fitness and mindset training programme which can be downloaded and customised.

This includes recording results every session, progressive overload, and a like-for-like test at the start and end to see progress over time.

Once completed, swap out the exercises for something more challenging and run the programme again for more gains. 

- BONUS Seminar Videos

Cool video material (90+ minutes) from a seminar taught by one of my instructors, the amazing Matt Teasdale.

The seminar has three sections:

  • Unarmed self defence at long range - manage distance to escape, use long range tools and stay in balance!

  • Unarmed self defence at close range - flip the switch and use devastating techniques to overwhelm your enemy in order to escape.

  • Daga vs daga - build a framework of responses through long, medium and close range when both you and your enemy have edged objects. Thought provoking stuff.

Bonus material

Tell me more about the bonus material?

  • Solo Training Classes

    Join me for one of the half-hour classes taught directly from my garage - it'll be like we're in the gym together!

  • Callisthenics Training Guide

    Get a full workout with no equipment needed with a 6 week fitness and mindset program - smiles all round.

  • Seminar Videos

    Watch me learning / get beaten up by my instructor, Matt Teasdale: unarmed defence at close and long range, and daga vs daga!


So, how much will all this cost me?

Well, we've covered this a little alread...

By now we're so far down this page that I hope I've managed to show the massive value which is on offer here.

It's enough material to keep training for 3 months or more without repetition (and longer when you re-play your favourite parts).

I have spent countless hours and more money than I'd like to think about training and travelling the world learning the skills I teach in this course (and learning the coaching skills so I can teach it effectively), so I could easily charge a lot for this information.


a) I had a lot of fun at the same time as learning, and 

b) I want to help people.

I suppose I could give this all away for free, but it's a sad fact of life that some people equate "free" with "no value".  

And having to literally "buy in" makes people more likely to follow through and actually do the course - which is ultimately what I want to happen!

Just to re-cap, you'll get access to:

  • 180+ minutes of instructional videos
     - to deepen understanding. Value: £120 / $165
  • 30 minute callisthenics training guide
     - options for all primary movement patterns.
  • 6 week fitness and mindset programme
     - for more smiles all round. Value: £45 / $60
  • More than 90 minutes of seminar footage
     - to kick back and relax. Value: £60 / $85
  • Over 15 hours of recorded live classes
     - so we can workout together! Value: £224 / $310

Total course value: £449 / $620

Course Price today: £99 / $125

Start Training Filipino Martial Arts at Home: Only £99 / $125

One-time purchase for unlimited access

Who am I?

and why should you want to learn from me?

I'm Harry, and I'm award winning Filipino Martial Arts instructor, as well as a dad of two young crazy whirlwinds!

So I know exactly what it's like to have a strong drive to train but very limited time.

Especially if I have to think up a workout when it's the end of the day and it's been one of those nights.

Over my 15 years of training and 10 years of coaching I haven't always had access to my instructors, or training partners my level, and so a lot of my own practice has been as Solo Training.

Since the start of 2020 I have shared my methods of Solo Training for Filipino Martial Arts with my students and others across the world, with positive feedback and warm appreciation.

And through that I have created this course to help people develop their Filipino Martial Arts by training at Home.  Either because they can't get to a class, or want Solo Training to supplement their usual classes.

My obsession with Filipino Martial Arts* began when I saw a class of "that stick twirling thing" back in 2004, grabbed hold of the learning opportunity, and never let go.

*Kali / Arnis / Escrima are other names for it!

I've always been drawn towards the combination of brain-body puzzle, graceful flowing motion, and ferocious overkill fighting attitude!

Through coaching others (for more than 10 years now), I've sharpened my skills for explaining complicated things in simple, logical steps, so that anyone can understand and learn - my aim is always to provide lightbulb moments!

Watch Intro Video

Here's a sample of what's inside


Do you recommend online learning ONLY?


The best way to learn is in person, with a skilled teacher, AND with video instructional material to reinforce that learning.

If you are a complete beginner, it is hard to learn correct technique from video alone, particularly on your own.

However, if you are already an experienced martial artist or instructor, or already practice the art, you can gain some brilliant insights and extra skills from videos - I know I have (otherwise I would not produce my own videos!)

Finally, if no physical instruction is available, sometimes we have to make do with the next best thing.

What happens after I sign up?

People who sign up get instant access to stream all the videos across all devices (with a suitable data connection).

Make progress at your own pace, re-view anything at any time, and ask me questions if you need to (I respond to all emails).

Can I try it for free?


You can get a sample from each of the core modules for free, just click on this Free Preview link (or the button at the top of this page) to access it, and make sure what's on offer is the right thing for you.

Why do I have to give you my email address?

You need to use an email address to create an account on the platform, so the course player knows it's you, and remembers where you got to last time.

I will send you helpful emails about the course: a short getting started guide, checking how you're getting on, and to let you know when there are updates.

I will treat your email address with the respect I hope others will treat mine, and if you don't like the emails you're getting, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Need help or got more questions?

Well, did I mention that I respond to all emails?  Good!  Send me a (nice) message to: [email protected].

"But what if I don't think it's worth it?"

Well, this course is backed by the


Which is a

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

All feedback I've had on all Fight Dad courses is 5-Star, and I've never had a refund. Although that might change in the future, I'm confident to offer this guarantee.

So if you don't think this course is worth the investment, let me know within 30 Days and I'll refund all your money. Simples.